Saturday, 20231021 09:36+0200, Luca Di Gregorio wrote:
I see a strange behavior on the guest debian.
With a simple 'sleep 2', I see that the sleep time is much more than 2 secs.
Can be observed with:
root@debian:~# while [ 1 ]; do sleep 2; date; done

On obsd guest, that is OpenBSD 7.4, sleep works as expected.

Is this a bug of vmd?

It's not really a bug of the hypervisor; rather, the vmm(4)
clocksource module isn't shipped in the mainline linux kernel, and
needs to be installed separately:

I'd also recommend installing vmmci so that the hypervisor can
initiate a graceful shutdown of the guest:

Right now it looks like vmm_clock is only packaged for Alpine and Nix.
Perhaps a Debian Maintainer will see this and help get these two
modules added to the Debian repos, as well.

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