#2786: Remove the devfs in favor of a stripped down IMFS configuration
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Component:  filesystem       |     Version:  4.12
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Comment (by joel.sherrill):

 The devfs was added for at least two purposes. Just saying it doesn't
 support a particular feature isn't enough to obsolete it. You need to do a
 lot better job at justifying this change.

 The devfs was added for at least two purposes:

 * to have a smaller footprint filesystem that supported only device nodes.
 Otherwise, no console or other device access was possible.
 * to have a much simpler root filesystem that was an alternative for
 systems which had completely disabled all filesystem support prior to this

 If the mini-IMFS has shrunk to the point where there is little difference,
 then the first point is addressed. But you didn't provide data.

 The complexity of the mini-IMFS in a system that only wants devices is a
 topic that hasn't even been touched on and will require some analysis.

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