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I find this rather disturbing that some systems will still be vulnerable
till April, 2001. Luckily for any that are interested, you can integrate
Open Source bind with QIP. I did and for what we do it works nicely.

There is a new posting on the Lucent IPSPG Hotnews Page.

Date: 01/31/2001
News: The following is a notification pertaining to the DNS Cert Advisory
that was sent out on Tuesday, January 30, 2001: CERT Advisory CA-2001-02
Multiple Vulnerabilities in BIND

The following is a list of QDDNS versions/builds, along with target dates,
that will address the vulnerabilities listed in the CERT Advisory:

QDDNS 8.2.2 build 13 will be released by platform as follows:

Solaris platforms-target date will be February 9, 2001
Windows platforms-target date will be February 16, 2001
HP platforms-target date will be February 23, 2001

QDDNS 8.1.2 build 13 - NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE to the qddns 8.1.2 server, it
is recommended that you upgrade to the QDDNS 8.2.2 build 13 server.

QDDNS 4.9.7 build 16- target for all platforms, end of April, 2001

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