Hmmm...  I tried that little 'nmap -O -sT proven' trick, i.e. against my
development machine on which I run BIND-9.1.0, and what do you know but
named drops out almost immediately with a SIGBUS:

Feb  6 13:28:19 proven /netbsd: named: pid 14653 [eid 32771:40, rid 32771:40] sent 
signal 6: was set-id, core dump not permitted [in /etc/namedb]

This is a NetBSD-1.5F (approx.) i386 machine and BIND-9.1.0 was compiled
and installed via the NetBSD pkgsrc/net/bind9 module.

Now if I get time tonight I'll try again with the debugger attached and
see exactly where it's going down, but I suspect others are doing / have
done that.....

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