FreeBSD-SA-01:19                                           Security Advisory
                                                                FreeBSD, Inc.

Topic:          ja-xklock port contains a local root compromise

Category:       ports
Module:         ja-xklock
Announced:      2001-02-07
Credits:        Found during internal auditing
Affects:        Ports collection prior to the correction date.
Corrected:      See below.
Vendor status:  N/A
FreeBSD only:   No

I.   Background

The ja-xklock is a localized xlock clone, which locks an X display.

II.  Problem Description

The ja-xklock port, versions 2.7.1 and earlier, contains an
exploitable buffer overflow.  Because the xklock program is also
setuid root, unprivileged local users may gain root privileges on the
local system.

Because the ja-xklock port is unmaintained and due to the software's
age, this vulnerability has not yet been corrected.  Additionally, the
ja-xklock port is scheduled for removal from the ports system if it
has not been audited and fixed within one month of discovery.  In the
event the ja-xlock port is corrected, this advisory will be rereleased
with updated information.

The ja-xklock port is not installed by default, nor is it "part of
FreeBSD" as such: it is part of the FreeBSD ports collection, which
contains over 4500 third-party applications in a ready-to-install
format.  The ports collections shipped with FreeBSD 3.5.1 and 4.2
contain this problem since it was discovered after the releases.

FreeBSD makes no claim about the security of these third-party
applications, although an effort is underway to provide a security
audit of the most security-critical ports.

III. Impact

Unprivileged local users may gain root privileges on the local system.

If you have not chosen to install the ja-xklock port/package, then
your system is not vulnerable to this problem.

IV.  Workaround

Deinstall the ja-xklock port/package, if you have installed it.

V.   Solution

It is suggested that an alternative, such as xlock or xlockmore, is
used instead of the ja-xklock port.
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