When Michal Zalewski found bug in ssh, most people tried to reinstall
their ssh. They usualy install openssh 2.3.0 or higher, or ssh2.com

Well, it could not be the best fix using openssh client 2.3.0p1 (i dont
check other ver.).
I've compile it from sources, so look at it:

mezon@ania:~$whereis ssh
ssh: /usr/local/bin/ssh
mezon@ania:~$ls -al /usr/local/bin/ssh
-rws--x--x   1 root     root       663364 Feb  8 14:48
mezon@ania:~$ssh mezon@ania
mezon@ania's password:
Segmentation fault

When it crash? heh, there must be some conditions:
1. on my host : mist be typed "ssh -l mezon ania" or ssh mezon@ania
        (When using full ip or address it will not segv)
2. when password prompted, You will have to type some chars, then
press <BACKSPACE> button , and next <ENTER>

Ssh client is suid, so it could be real problem. Must check source...

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