Bug / DoS in LICQ (all versions) and Gnome-ICU (all versions)

The sending of a .rtf file/document (rich text file) to one of the versions
mentioned above will crash LICQ/Gnome-ICU on the target computer and it will
close itself down after that. The error is probable the problem that
Unix/Linux have with .rtf documents. Its not the .rtf extension itself,
renamed rich text files have the same effect. So we can conclude that the
problem is the content.

This is tested from NT4 and NT5 workstations (running ICQ 2000b) to various
Linux distro's (as "cooperating targets").

Try it yourself en please let us know the results (if they vary from the
results mentioned above). Please mail us at:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]  (The Exploiters)

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