javadoc allows a file to be specified to provide content for the top level "overview" page.

As we move towards a unified docs bundle, we need to be able to vary the content of that file depending on the content of the bundle. This does not mean providing or including lists of modules, but should reflect whether the bundle contains Java SE modules, JDK modules and JavaFX modules.

This patch also includes support for (and relies on) the new usage of the -group option from JDK-8180336.

Note that when JDK-8180480 (Use "requires transitive" relationship when determining modules for javadoc) is pushed, the call to FindTransitiveDepsForModules for JavaSE_MODULES should be updated to the new FindTransitiveIndirectExportsForModules (or whatever it'll end up being called). I'll fix that in whichever of the two bugs I push last.

This patch also contains some accumulated cleanup in Docs.gmk after all the piecemeal patches this file has recieved for the last few weeks.

Note: While I'm willing to make minor changes to the actual contents of the generated overview.html, I'd prefer if any larger (or potentially controversial) issues are handled as separate follow-up bugs. With this framework in place, it's easy to modify whatever gets written to the file.

An example how this looks like for the JDK and Java SE documentation collections (stripped down to the summary page of the javadoc output, and the JDK top-level index.html) is here:


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