Looks good to me.

The change to the log message is a bit weird. Was this meant as a temporary way for finding the output file?


On 2017-06-18 12:47, mark.reinh...@oracle.com wrote:

This is a follow-on to Magnus's changes for 8175824.

Oracle's legal department has recently advised that the liberal use of
trademark symbols on the API-specification overview page is not required.
We should, rather, just include a registered-trademark symbol (®)
after the first prominent instance of "Java". The warnings about the
provisional nature of the API can also be simplified.

The webrev page contains links to example Javadoc output for different
variants: GA vs. ad-hoc, and SE + JDK + FX vs. SE + JDK vs. just SE.

Current output, for reference:

- Mark

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