OS: macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.2
Repo : https://github.com/dmlloyd/openjdk.git
Branch : jdk/jdk

mbldeMacBook-Pro:openjdk mbl$ bash ./configure 
configure: Configuration created at Mon Feb 12 14:43:36 CST 2018.
configure: error: Could not find freetype! You might be able to fix this by 
running 'brew install freetype'.
/projects/jdpros/openjdk/.build/generated-configure.sh: line 82: 5: Bad file 
configure exiting with result code 1
mbldeMacBook-Pro:openjdk mbl$ sudo brew install freetype
Error: Running Homebrew as root is extremely dangerous and no longer supported.
As Homebrew does not drop privileges on installation you would be giving all
build scripts full access to your system.
mbldeMacBook-Pro:openjdk mbl$ brew install freetype
Updating Homebrew...
Warning: freetype 2.9 is already installed

What can I do?

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