On 2/14/18 4:38 PM, Ted Neward wrote:
I’m getting a weird error in my OpenJDK 10 (tip) build, where after pulling 
source and configure, I get a build error about the Java compiler being 
executed with “--module-path” as a parameter, which obviously isn’t a 
legitimate javac flag.

I can't speak to your specific build error, but --module-path is a legitimate javac option, as of JDK 9.

-- Jon

Is this just me? Is anybody else able to repro this, and is there a fix coming 
that isn’t checked into the main trunk yet?

I am in the process of finalizing some Docker images (both with the source 
inside the image and built, so people can just “go”, as well as images with the 
prereqs and some shell scripts to do the build with the source and build 
artifacts on the host machine), and this is holding up the current “tip” images 
from being really ready for public consumption. (JDK8u and JDK9 are up and 
ready to go.)

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