Looks good, thanks for finding and fixing this!


On 2018-03-12 11:26, Claes Redestad wrote:

during build we use an interim image to generate some optimization information, e.g., the input for generate-jli-classes jlink plugin for the real build. Turns out jlinking the interim-image picks up the output from such training runs, which adds to the build time when we run incremental builds, and worse: it might mean we use stale information that could potentially make building the interim-image fail or do some really non-obvious things (an issue I ran into as I was experimenting
with allowing the plugin to generate more kinds of LFs).

I suggest disabling the generate-jli-classes plugin when building the interim-image,
avoiding such cycles:


A trivial one-liner fix, but as this is .gmk then I'm sure some would want to check
I've used the proper mix of tabs and spaces... ;-)



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