On 10/04/2018 2:40 AM, Mario Torre wrote:
On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 6:12 PM, Simon Nash <si...@cjnash.com> wrote:

Thanks for this.  I think I should clarify what I mean by a supported
platform.  This would be a platform for which bugs affecting the ability
to build a working OpenJDK binary for that platform would be considered
valid by the OpenJDK community and a user-submitted patch to fix such a
bug would be considered for integration into the OpenJDK codebase.

Being a Community project, I would say everything that is relevant for
users is relevant for the project.

Now, "everything" doesn't mean "absolutely" everything of course ;)
but within reasonable limits "almost" everything is a good bet. If you
plan in adding support for new architectures you will have better luck
with a Porting sponsored projects, if you want to fix some bugs in
some weird architecture that is already existing, or help building
with some Linux distribution not currently covered for some reason,
I'm sure that will be accepted quickly too, in all cases some
discussion would be good to have before start proposing patches.

We are in a situation where previously "supported" platforms (by Oracle) are no longer supported as, AFAIK, no one has stepped up to take ownership of said platforms - which is a requirement for getting a new port accepted into mainline. Without such ownership the code may not only bit-rot, it may in time be stripped out completely. Any interested parties would then need to look at (re)forming a port project for that platform to keep it going in OpenJDK (or of course they are free to take it elsewhere).


But again, this is a case-by-case thing, so probably you can just tell
us what you are interested in contributing and see if there are
objections or other reasons not to have that code in.


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