On 2018-04-10 20:22, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

Please review this minor change which fixes the Zero build on linux-sparc
which got broken after "JDK-8201236 Straighten out dtrace build logic".
While I agree that the fix solves your problems, maybe you could delay pushing this for a while?

The regression you noted was not caused by JDK-8201236, but by JDK-8198862 "Stop doing funky compilation stuff for dtrace". In fact, JDK-8201236 (which is pushed to jdk/jdk but not yet integrated into jdk/hs, apparently) will once again remove EXTRA_FILES from the SetupNativeCompilation, making zero work again.

So if you just wait until JDK-8201236 moves into jdk/hs, this will be fixed. Otherwise, you're just creating a merge conflict for the integrator. :(

The change affects the Zero build on linux-sparc only since SPARC has its
own implementation of memset_with_concurrent_readers() in memset_with_\
concurrent_readers_sparc.cpp which needs to be added to $(EXTRA_FILES)


[1] http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~glaubitz/8201360/webrev.00/

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