From the bug report:

"The compile errors you get from HotSpot are quite large, and usually don't get entirely printed in PrintFailureReports. This has the effect that the goto mode to find the compilation error is to scroll past PrintFailureReports to get to the complete error message.

It would be nice if there was a way to turn off this feature from the command line."

I've solved this by adding a new LOG option, "report", which takes an argument: "report=default", "report=none" or "report=all". As usual, this can be combined with other LOG options, e.g. "LOG=info,report=all".

The "default" value is what it always been, giving you the first screenful of lines of each failure. "none" is what Stefan requested, and "all" means that there is no truncating, so in a sense, it's another way of giving Stefan what he wants. :-)

To make this usable in practice, I also implemented a feature I've been thinking about a long time, but never gotten around to. And that is to be able to set a default value for LOG in configure, similar to how we can set default values for JOBS or the default make target.

The new flag is "--with-log=<LOG value>", e.g. "--with-log=info,report=none". If a LOG= value is given on the command line, it overrides the default value provided to configure.



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