Hi Thomas,

Thank you. It worked!

One question, hotspot source in jdk/hs and jdk/jdk won't be in sync?

- Bhaktavatsal Reddy

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<hotspot-runtime-...@openjdk.java.net>, Bhaktavatsal R Maram 
From: "Thomas Stüfe" <thomas.stu...@gmail.com>
Date: 04/11/2018 09:21AM
Cc: build-dev <build-dev@openjdk.java.net>, David Holmes 
Subject: Re: JDK 11 hotspot build fails with "Undefined symbol" on AIX


looks like https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8200302.

Which has been fixed already in jdk-hs. Please build from there, the current 
tip. If you build jdk/jdk you need to apply the patch for that fix manually.

Best Regards, Thomas

On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 11:50 PM, David Holmes <david.hol...@oracle.com> wrote:
 On 11/04/2018 1:44 AM, Bhaktavatsal R Maram wrote:
 <nothing - only an attachment was present >
 Based on the attachment content (see below) this seems a hotspot issue for the 
AIX/PPC folk to fix. So moving over to hotspot-runtime-dev.
 ld: 0711-318 ERROR: Undefined symbols were found.
         The following symbols are in error:
  Symbol                    Inpndx  TY CL Source-File(Object-File) OR 
                               RLD: Address  Section  Rld-type Referencing 
  .__ct__5frameFPlPUc       [2169]  ER PR 
                                    00000028 .text    R_RBR    [1444] 
                                    00000044 .text    R_RBR    [1444] 
 ER: The return code is 8.

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