ccache shouldn't be commented out. That must have been a local edit mistake in the original webrev.


On 2018-04-13 12:51, Kevin Walls wrote:
Thanks Tim -

There's a later webrev in the review thread: in which I see the common/autoconf/ change... It's in the commit in 9 also.  I think we need it. 8-)

But that webrev.03 also has the commenting out of "Building ccache..." in make/devkit/Makefile , though I don't see it happening in 8038340 in the 9 change, or in latest jdk either. I'm thinking that ccache was disabled for local testing and wasn't intended as part of 8038340 - do let me know if you think otherwise!


On 13/04/2018 20:08, Tim Bell wrote:
Kevin - looks good in general with a few remarks (see below):

I'd like to request review of this backport from 9 to 8u:

8038340: Cleanup and fix sysroot and devkit handling on Linux and Solaris

9 changesets:
base repo:
JDK: repo:
(clean import to jdk8u-dev)

JDK repo change imports cleanly.  base repo changes require some manual
fixups in:

common/autoconf/basics.m4 addition of
AC_DEFUN_ONCE([BASIC_SETUP_DEVKIT], fails, done manually
common/autoconf/toolchain.m4                            minor change
didn't import
make/common/NativeCompilation.gmk                minor change didn't import run autogen to recreate generated files.

9 review thread:
(thread starts in March, not that it's long, but I don't see a link
there to the previous emails in the thread: )

8u webrev:

Many thanks!


This change looks straightforward, but I don't see the file at all in the JDK 9 webrev...


lines 91,92 ... Do you want ccache?  It is commented out in the JDK 9 changes (


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