Hello Erik,

I think a fix for the first problem is by far the most important. Reordering of 
stdout/stderr probably happens rarely (since most of the time there is no 
output on stderr).

Best regards,

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Hello Ralf,

Very interesting analysis! I have spent a lot of time trying to get the 
piping to log files, while keeping out/err separation working with as 
little performance impact as possible. I was aware of problem 3, which 
causes some annoying output ordering sometimes, but I had not 
encountered 1 and 2 before. Checking my latest local Windows build, I do 
indeed have some truncated files, not as many as you, but still 79 (less 
virus scanning). That would certainly make incremental builds unreliable.

I tried your suggestion for problem 1 and it works for me too. We should 
definitely get that fix in. I have filed JDK-8207001. Do you mind if I 
use your patch for it?

I agree on the only solution for the 3rd problem, but I would not want 
to go there. Delaying output can have lots of weird consequences, if you 
for example interrupt a build with ctrl-c.

Another option would be to revert to our previous solution, where we 
used this script: 
The problem with that was performance as it created more extra shell 
instances for each compile command.

The only solution to fix problem 2 would be to stop separating out/err. 
I wonder how big of a problem that actually is though?


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