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> On 12/02/2020 22:16, Erik Joelsson wrote:
> > Hello Christoph,
> >
> > This patch certainly looks better to me, though I agree it's a bit
> > hackish to have to filter and rename the stripped.pdb files twice,
> > once for jmods and again for bundles. I think I'm ok with it for now
> > though. The future improvement I would like to make would be to create
> > two sets of jdk images, one that contains debug symbols and demos,
> > which we continue to use for testing, and another which only contains
> > exactly what we bundle up, including the correctly named top dir. The
> > latter would be created first and used as input for the former. I
> > think lots of things would be cleaner then, especially Bundles.gmk.
> There may be a role for a jlink plugin here. On Linux, jlink
> --strip-native-debug-symbols runs the objdump tool and sub-options can
> be used to configure the debuginfo files to keep or exclude. In time I'm
> sure there will be other plugins like this.

Yes, something similar should be doable (and desirable) for Windows. In fact, 
that makes me think whether we should generalize this option to something like 
--with-external-debug-symbols-in-product-bundles=<full|public>. So, that way 
one could decide which PDBs to ship and it could eventually also be made 
available for other platforms and external debug symbols. And jlink plugins 
could then handle this and remove/strip this information.

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