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On 07/28/2017 07:51 AM, Karan Ahuja wrote:
1) During jhbuild build gnome-builder, the output shows :

The Meson build system  > Version: 0.41.2
What if I wish to see :
Version: 0.42.0.dev1
I installed the latest meson system-wide and
deleted meson from jhbuild/checkout and ~/.cache/jhbuild/downloads
still - I see meson 0.41.2 in the output
I want to see meson 0.42 in the output

If you're building with the flatpak configuration for the application, Meson will come from the build SDK. If you need a newer Meson that is distributed with the SDK, you can add it to the list of modules before your application and then that will be used.

If you are building against your host (or jhbuild) you can update Meson in the respective environments and Builder should use them as expected.

After installing builder with flatpak nightly -
I started new project with template as gnome application.
I see a red line on #include <gtk/gtk.h>

That means that we failed to extract the CFLAGS for the file. Generally this happens before we've built the application successfully once.

also - when i do a build/run
nothing happens.

This sounds like a bug. It is easier for us to help if you can file a bug on bugzilla┬╣ so we can work through our normal troubleshooting procedures.

-- Christian

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