HI All,

As some of you know, we have been working on replacements for 
Windows1(hudson-win.apache.org <http://hudson-win.apache.org/>)  and Windows2 
(je-win2012.apache.org <http://je-win2012.apache.org/>) Jenkins slaves. 

We are pleased to announce that windows-2012-1 and windows-2012-2 are online 
and operational. 
Please do start using these now.

The new nodes are direct replacements for windows1 and windows2 nodes which as 
of this notice are now 
deprecated and will be turned off at the end of this month - 31st October 2016.

Please move your jobs to the Generic ‘Windows’ label if you have not already 
done so, or tie your jobs to the 
new slaves if you wish to start testing on those before the cut off date.

Any jobs still tied to the deprecated slaves by the cut-off date will be moved 
to the Windows generic label by 


Gav… (ASF Infra Team)

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