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[FLINK-14465] Let StandaloneJobClusterEntryPoint use the user code class loader

[FLINK-14465] The PackageProgram's constructor does not throw excpetion
any more when jarFile is null. Introducing this change is because there
may be no jarFile in perjob mode. All jars the user code depends on are
in the classpaths.

[FLINK-14465] ClassPathJobGraphRetriever creates PackagesProgram with user
class paths.

[FLINK-14465] StandaloneJobClusterEntryPoint uses "FLINK_HOME/usrlib"
as the job's class path. The environment variable FLINK_HOME is set
at Dockerfile. Link the FLINK_JOB_ARTIFACTS_DIR to the FLINK_HOME/job,
which makes the FlinkUserClassloader load the user class in the
standalone perjob mode.

This closes #10076.

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