I just released Mock 1.3.2. I build this one only for rawhide and F25.
To get more testers for the /usr/sbin move.

Additionally to 1.3.1 there are:
* --nocheck is working again
* You can now run mock inside of Docker
- however you need to run docker with `-cap-add=SYS_ADMIN`.
* When building for Fedora 25+ target in container, then buildhost is
set to name of host and not to name of container.
  These are the new defaults:
## When RPM is build in container then build hostname is set to name of
## container. This sets the build hostname to name of container's host.
## Works only in F25+ chroots
# config_opts['use_container_host_hostname'] = True
## This works in F25+ chroots. This overrides
'use_container_host_hostname' option
# config_opts['macros']['%_buildhost'] = 'my.own.hostname'
* There was a lot of flake8/pep8/pycodestyle clean up of code.

Full release notes:

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