I just released new version of Mock.

I submitted it to updates-testing F26, F25 and EPEL-7 so please test it before 
it hit stable.

From the release notes:

This is bug fix release, we fixed following issues:

    --nocheck macro was not properly escaped [RHBZ#1473359].
    Use python3 and dnf module on Fedoras to guess architecture in %post 
scriptlet [RHBZ#1462310].
    enhanced detection of RHEL [RHBZ#1470189].
    scm: define _sourcedir to checkout directory [PR#98].
    Mageia Cauldron releasever is now 7 [PR#95]
    Create /dev nodes even when using nspawn [RHBZ#1467299].
    selinux: do not try to import yum when PM is dnf [RHBZ#1474513].
When you have hundreds of volumes in LVM you can tell mock to wait longer using config_opts['plugin_conf']['lvm_root_opts']['sleep_time'] = 1.

Thanks to following contributors:

    Igor Gnatenko
    Jonathan Lebon
    Mikolaj Izdebski
    Neal Gompa
    Ville Skyttä
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