I didn't really know where to post it, so I wrote this to 
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Hello and greetings from Germany!

I just buyed a Emtec Q800 media player/recorder and realized that its firmware 
is using your
great BusyBox.

Since I and some other users would like to modify the player a little bit 
(adding features), we
asked Emtec, where we could download the sourcecode which must be available as 
far as I
understand the GPL.

Emtec told us, that they didn't have any sources but Mele (www.mele.cn), the 
"real" producer
of the hard- and software. We tried to contact Mele multiple times, but got no 

Currently we know that *every* Emtec Media-Player uses BusyBox, but *no* 
sourcecode is
available. At least *some* players from Fantec (www.fantec.de) and Evertech use 
it, too. All
seem to use Mele Hardware.

We thought it would be interesting for you to know the many violations of the 
GPL. Perhaps
*you* can do something about it.

Best regards (and please excuse my bad english)


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