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> I have the g4l project that uses busybox, and was just asked by a user how
> to have it use a swiss german keyboard??
> The rcS file has an line that was comment out long ago by a previous
> maintainer of the project that has the line.
> #/sbin/loadkmap < /var/lib/kbd/keymap.map
> As far as I can tell, the g4l has never had that directory, so I am assuming
> this was copied from somewhere else. I would think that one would only
> need to find the correct keymap.map file, and load it with the busybox
> loadkmap which is built into the busybox, but I don't seem to be able to find 
> a
> location for these keymap.map files?

As I understand the bb loadkmap needs a binary dump of the keymap.
There was a patch that made kbd output those binary dumps. I think the
patch went in upstream. (see

I converted a bunch of the keymaps some time ago. They are available here:

> G4L is a console only boot cd, so it is just console keyboard mapping.
> It may also be something that needs to be done in the kernel builds, which
> are the straight kernel.org kernels.

No, I think you only need the binary dump of the keymaps.

> Thanks.
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