Good morning everyone!  During the boot of the OS, an 'ifup -a' is
called to bring all the configured adapters online via the
/etc/network/interfaces file.  Once the device is up and running, I
can see the proper configurations via an 'ifconfig' call.  However,
when I issue an 'ifdown eth0' call, I get the following error:

ifdown: interface eth0 not configured

Checking with the 'ifconfig' confirms that no action was taken and
that the adapter is still up and running.  Running an 'ifdown -f eth0'
achieves the desired goals, but why do I need to force this?  Checking
the /var/run/ifstate file shows that it is 0 bytes at all times (e.g.
right after a reboot, after tinkering with ifup/down, etc).  Also,
once the configuration is removed and an 'ifup -v eth0' is called,
here's what I get:

run-parts /etc/network/if-pre-up.d
ip addr add dev eth0 label eth0
ip link setup eth0 up
ip route add default via dev eth0
ip: RTNETLINK answers: File exists

I've tried calling a "ip addr flush dev eth0" to see if that would
resolve the problem, but didn't work.  Also keep in mind that I can
not run an 'strace' since the machine I'm working on (or more
precisely developing on) does NOT have a current Internet connection.

As a side note to one of my other posts, it doesn't appear that any
other if-*.d directories are getting processed (which would explain
why my test script isn't being called).  Is this due to the error
preventing further processing, or are the other directories getting
skipped for some other reason?

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