Hey Martin, thanks again for your help!  So I had to bring back
'sneaker-net' to get strace on the machine via flash drive (after
locating one), but it is now on the machine!  I could not see anything
in the 'ps' output (and it is the GNU version) regarding what was
being called for contacting a DHCP server for the adapter.  I also
tried running the command that Peter suggested, but the command he
listed has invalid syntax.  After a few more calls and a ton of goop
from 'strace', it appears that 'udhcpc' was being called as follows
(at least on my dev machine):

udhcpc -R -n -p /var/run/udhcpc.eth0.pid -i eth0

(Just in case anyone else comes across this post)

Now that I know what is being called, can anyone help with the other
part of the original question?


On 9/20/16, Martin Townsend <mtownsend1...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi David,
> I've had a quick look through the ifupdown code what DHCP binary gets
> called and with what parameters is specific to how you've configured
> busybox.
> If you have the full version of ps you may be able to see the full
> command line using ps aux.  Maybe the busybox version will show this
> information as well.
> Another way which would be hard to capture is
> cat /proc/pid/cmdline
> but the problem is obtaining pid and then performing the cat command.
> If you kick off the DHCP without a network cable plugged in, the
> process should hang around a whilst it's sending it's DISCOVER
> messages.
> If this fails I would try and get strace on the board.  Can't you run
> udhcpc/dhclient with the board connected to a network with a DHCP
> server? USB Memory Stick?
> -Martin.
> On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 2:54 PM, David Henderson
> <dhender...@digital-pipe.com> wrote:
>> Good morning all, I was just following up with this.
>> Thanks,
>> Dave
>> On 9/19/16, David Henderson <dhender...@digital-pipe.com> wrote:
>>> Plus that would only answer part of the original question.  Any input
>>> on that second part?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Dave
>>> On 9/19/16, David Henderson <dhender...@digital-pipe.com> wrote:
>>>> Thanks again for your continued help Peter!  Unfortunately the machine
>>>> that I'm working on doesn't currently have a network connection since
>>>> I've been fiddling with things so strace can't be installed.
>>>> Dave
>>>> On 9/19/16, Peter Korsgaard <pe...@korsgaard.com> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> "David" == David Henderson <dhender...@digital-pipe.com> writes:
>>>>>  > Good morning Peter, thanks for your reply.  C/C++ is not my forte
>>>>> and
>>>>>  > while it may be readable for you, it may not be for others.
>>>>> Then use strace as I suggested.
>>>>> --
>>>>> Bye, Peter Korsgaard
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