Recent configuration-related compilation issues:

ping.c will not find a link target for reference inet_cksum if CONFIG_PING6 but none of CONFIG_PING, CONFIG_UDHCPC, CONFIG_UDHCPD, CONFIG_TRACEROUTE6, CONFIG_UDHCPC6, CONFIG_TRACEROUTE are selected

traceroute.c will not find a link target for recv_from_to if CONFIG_TRACEROUTE6 but none of CONFIG_TRACEROUTE, CONFIG_DNSD, CONFIG_TFTPD, CONFIG_TCPSVD, CONFIG_UDPSVD, CONFIG_TFTP, CONFIG_NC, CONFIG_NTPD are selected

bzip2.c will not find a link target for append_ext and bbunpack if CONFIG_BZIP2, but not UNXZ, UNLZMA, BUNZIP2 are selected; similiar for CONFIG_GZIP

bbunzip.c cannot resolve make_new_name_generic within the file if BZCAT but not UNXZ, UNLZMA, BUNZIP2 or UNCOMPRESS (this issue seems to mask some other linker issues with CONFIG_XZCAT, CONFIG_ZCAT or similar)

mkfs_ext2.c: cannot link against `find_mount_point' if CONFIG_MKE2FS but none of MKFS_REISER, MOUNT, MKFS_EXT2, DF, MKFS_MINIX nor FSCK_MINIX

lzop.c cannot link against `lzo1x_1_compress' and `lzo1x_1_15_compress' if CONFIG_UNLZOP or CONFIG_LZOPCAT without CONFIG_LZOP

grep.c: cannot find link target for `xregcomp' if FGREP or EGREP are selected in a minimal configuration (I skip pasting 11 options that need to be disabled; allnoconfig is sufficient)

(all found from changes between Nov 14 and Nov 23; sorry for reporting slowly, I haven't had much time inspecting the logs of my tool recently)

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