Hi Denys,

On Wed, 9 Aug 2017, Denys Vlasenko wrote:

> Applied, thanks.

Thank you!

> Does git testsuite work now with current git?

I have not tested on Linux. But I did test on Windows. The motiviation
behind all my BusyBox work was to start releasing an experimental
BusyBox-based MinGit (read: stripped-down Git for Windows intended purely
for non-interactive usage by third-party applications, such as Visual
Studio). As of v2.14.0, we have exactly this (see the MinGit versions at
whose versions end in -busybox).

And yes, BusyBox-based MinGit passed all of Git's test suite in my hands.

Of course, I still have a couple of patches to contribute, but I think
only three "report-warnings" ones are suitable for BusyBox proper. The
rest is mostly for BusyBox-w32, with a couple of patches most likely too
specific to Git for Windows' setup.

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