I have a bunch of stuff for sale:



Icom IC-7000 HF/VHF/UHF transceiver with remote mounting kit. New in box,
only opened for testing.  $750.00


Puxing PX-UV973 Dual Band HT Dual receive w/ cross-band repeat  $50.00


MFJ 969 Roller Inductor Antenna Tuner. Only used once during Field Day a few
years ago.  $80.00


Pelican 1495 series water-tight case w/ pick n pluck foam. 21.62 x 17.25 x
4.87 OD  Never used  $100.00


Ameritron ADL-2500 2KW intermittent duty dummy load. $100.00


Signalink USB rig interface wired for Icom with 13-pin DIN plug.  $75.00


(2) Tripp Lite PR-10 13.8V 10 amp Power supplies.  $25.00 each 


Pyramid Gold Series 13.8v 25amp Power supply w/meters. $50.00


Pyramid PS 36KX 35-amp power supply. Output OK, meters not working. $50.00


MFJ 4125 Mighty-lite 25-amp switching power supply.  $50.00


Astron RS-35a 35-amp power supply.  $75.00


Astron RM-35m rack-mount 35-amp power supply. Works OK. Current meter NG.


(3) Ericsson/GE MASTR III Repeater power supplies. 14VDC @ 40-Amps
continuous duty. Rack mountable.  $100.00 ea.



If interested, please contact me at wb5...@comcast.net
<mailto:wb5...@comcast.net> .


Paypal and cash accepted.


Tell all your friends..




Glenn WB5TUF

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