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A bit of a heads up……..

There still are a few random items from the recent cleanout of an SK members 
garage.  I will have these items at the ICS Thursday night.   Items include 
meters, books, coax, antennas, other misc. Ham items. 

They will be priced “free for the taking”, but if you feel so humbled, a 
donation for what you take will be passed on to the XYL.


Also, I am assisting another member of the club that is selling out due to a 
medical complication.  I will have a flyer listing all of the gear at the 
meeting Thursday.  Example:   Kenwood TS-870, Kenwood TS-440, Collins 30L1, 
Johnson KW Matchbox, Palstar and Nye ATU’s,  Astron 35A 12V supply, etc. 


C U there…..Rick – W5RH






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HAM RADIO and FOOD go together like ………..


Thursday is our annual ICE CREAM Social and monthly meeting. 


Ice Cream and  Liquid toppings are taken care of, but if you want REESES or 
M&Ms or Sprinkles someone needs to bring their favorites.


Rick (Radio Hotel) is bringing some cookies, but more is never a problem.


Spoons and bowls will be supplied, so you do not need to rob your kitchen or 
mixing bowls and serving spoons.


Coke and Root Beer will be available for the attendees who FLOAT. Regular and 




Scott Medbury


16802 Aprilmont Drive

Sugar Land, TX 77498-1941




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