And that's fine, too. Exactly why I bought property with no antenna 
restrictions. What I am saying is that the current bill is BAD for ham radio 
and should not be passed. A bad bill is worse than no bill at all.

Allen N5XZ
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Date: 8/10/17  2:44 PM  (GMT-06:00) To:, 
Subject: [tdxs-list] FW: [Elecraft] Amateur Radio Parity Act 
Finally someone with some common sense....

Subject: Re: [Elecraft] Amateur Radio Parity Act

>>"FWIW, I DO consider this issue VITAL to anyone who lives in a restricted
housing development, which includes a very high percentage of US hams.

All of those US hams decided on their own to purchase property in the
restricted area (myself included). I knew what it meant and I'm willing to
'man up' and abide by the agreement I signed at purchase to follow the
rules. Running to 'daddy' after the fact and claiming it is VITAL that I be
allowed to ignore the rules is not an appropriate reaction from my POV. If
it is that vital don't purchase in such an area. Sometimes that can be
difficult, but sometimes life is difficult.

MarkĀ  AD5SS

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