Ham Gear For Sale – Priced to Sell

The following items are from a former BVARC club member selling due to
health reasons.

If you have an interest, please contact *Rick-W5RH *at

* rickhille...@gmail.com <rickhille...@gmail.com>*    or   * text/cell
 832-474-3713 (Day time or early evening)*

*                        Item                 Price*
Kenwood TS-870 Transceiver         575
Kenwood Speaker SP-31  50
Astron VS-35M Power Supply  85
Collins 30L1 Linear Amp. (round emblem)     525
Kenwood TS 440                 325
Palstar AT 1500CV Tuner 250
NYE MB-IV-A Tuner         250
Johnson KW MatchBox "with Coupler"           250
Azden PCS-4000 2 Meter FM XCVR  20
Drake W4 Watt Meter           45
Drake 2B Receiver w/Q-Multiplier                   150
MFJ 1278 Multi-Mode Data Controller  20
Autek QF-1A Audio Filter (Qty 3)  15 each
Heath AR-3 Receiver with QF-1 Q Multiplier    35
MFJ-464 CW Keyer/Reader  85
Note:  All gear is in good to excellent shape.
          Some have manual and the box, most don't.

Rick Hiller
*The Radio Hotel*  -- W5RH

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