Hey BVARC folks,

I went to see the volunteer adminstrator at DeBakey VA hospital.  There is
an open forr there for veteran outreach.  Our first step is routinely set
up a table in the lobby area to offer information about ham radio that is
tailored for vets. I am working on that collateral now.   The challenge I
see ahead is that the ham radio information table will have to be setup
during regular hours during the work week.  It is not needed during all
business hours,  but a few each month.  Still being a working man,  I am
not able to take off enough time to really gather any steam with that

Maybe there are a few of you retired folks who are willing to help me with
this project.  Membership in the Legion is not required. WE are not there
to sell the Legion,  just ham radio.   If you are available to help me
reach our to our vets at the VA hospital for up to four hours per month,
please  contact me by email.  I will give more detail about the effort and
can provide all the support, equipment and collateral material needed to
make this work.

>From the first trip there,  i found a key volunteer who is now studying for
his ham license.   He will be of some help to get things going.

Thank you,

Bob Hawkins
KD5AT on 146.940 pl 167.9
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