Oh my god, I’m agreeing with Ron on something!


People, why do you think I joined the BVARC BOD this year? Things like this are 
precisely why. You know, clichés become clichés by first being truisms, and the 
one that goes, “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem, 
” seems to particularly fit the ham community. I hear endless moaning about how 
those mean HOAs are stopping hams from putting up antennas. Ok then, why isn’t 
my HOA battering down my door right now over the 30’ mast in my backward? It’s 
only partially concealed and is still visible from the street. In fact, I’ve 
lived in my house for 25 years, and have technically been in violation of that 
deed restriction most of the time. Yet, I’ve never heard a peep on the matter. 
Of course, that there was a ham on the BOD of my HOA, W5EEP (SK), just before 
my time might have something to do with my peace. Do you see what I mean about 
being part of the solution?


Something that frequently comes up among the BVARC BOD is that club dues only 
cover the costs of the newsletter. Everything else that we’ve come to expect of 
the club, the banquet, Field Day in a cushy location, Museum Ships event 
participation, the August ice cream social, and so forth all have to be 
financed by the hamfest. That’s the real reason why we continue to hold the 
hamfest even though we’re not particularly good at it. The fundamental issue is 
that everything falls on the shoulders of about seven people, and they only 
have enough energy to basically rinse and repeat what was done previously.

Lest you think that our hamfest is prosperous, consider just one metric. We’re 
in a major metropolitan area, and yet our average annual attendance of 1,500 is 
half the SEMI-ANNUAL attendance of a semi-rural hamfest, Belton, no farther 
away than Austin. That one thing screams to me, “Houston, you have a problem.” 
I’ve heard some of the complaints about our hamfest, and what I’ve heard 
relates directly or indirectly to our current venue. Still, nobody seems to 
have the time and energy to keep looking for alternatives.


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That is precisely why I decided to get involved with my HOA.  Unfortunately, 
the monthly HOA meetings are . . . you guessed it; the second Thursday evening 
of the month.


Too many of us would rather moan about the death of ham radio , that do 
something about it. I call BS on that.  


Get off your duffs and do something on the local level.  


Is this the hobby of Hiram Percy Maxim?  Would he take this lying down like 
many of you are doing?  


Is this what has become of innovation in out hobby?  


There are technology tools to beat this thing. IT is your  collective fault 
that we are in this pickle.  There are other way to get around or coexist with 
the limitations.  There has to be.  And every new idea that is developed pushes 
out the boundaries of what we can do.  

There are local ways we can coexist.  community ways.  


Yeah, yeah, there are many of you that are already nay saying.  The same ones 
who whine about how hard it is to volunteer some time for our own club.  Begone 
or be quiet!.   


Are you really worthy of your license?  This is the time for innovation, not 



Ron, K5HM

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I am on an HOA board.  You cannot have non-technical and very focused HOA 
decisionmakers have the ultimate say for any ham radio antennas.  H.R.4986 - 
FCC Reauthorization Act of 2018 is so ambiguous and soft spoken that an HOA can 
easily do what they wish, when considering a ham radio antenna of any type.    
This is not good.





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It looks like a cut and paste, verbatim, of the bill from 2017...






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This looks like it is a compromise at least in wording that gives the ham some 
wiggle room whit the HOA's. Please correct me if I miss read it.


Gerald Muller K9GEM

gmuller...@aol.com <mailto:gmuller...@aol.com> 

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This bill is to reauthorize funding for the FCC.  Very likely to pass so the 
FCC can operate! 


Title III of this bill appears to contain language very similar to the Amateur 
Radio Parity Act of 2017!!


I do not see anything I recognize as allowing "high symbol rate" modes on the 
HF bands.


Below is a link to the text of the bill:





Please read and see what you think!  Forward to anyone you feel should see this.


Robie - AJ4F

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