I will be updating the w5acm.net website ASAP for the changed presentation and 
launch times.

We are now scheduled for an 8AM presentation followed by launches after the 

Watch for the updates at http://www.w5acm.net.

C U at GHHF 2018!


To The Edge of Space!

Andy W5ACM



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Check the specs at  <http://www.w5acm.net> http://www.w5acm.net


We are GO for flight at the Greater Houston Hamfest on March 17th!

Don’t miss it…


BLT Dinner/Meeting on WEDNESDAY at 5:30 PM at Buffalo Wild Wings (200 yards 
east of the intersection of I-10W and Bunker Hill on the access road).


STXBLT – Celebrating 27+ Years at the Edge of Space!


Andy W5ACM


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