As I have been made aware of, the general meeting date is April 12th, not
the 18th. 


That's what happens when I do this at 4 in the morning!


See you at the meeting. 






From: Mike Hardwick [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2018 3:51 AM
Subject: Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club General Meeting - Thursday April
12th, 2018


Don't forget this Thursday, April 18th, the BVARC General Meeting. We will
have Jeff Walter, KE5FGA, the ARES District 14 SEC doing a presentation on
ARES and the work that was done during Hurricane Harvey. Make sure you come
by to see Jeff's presentation. 


Also don't forget the two events coming up that are near and dear to
everyone in BVARC - Museum Ships Weekend and Field Day.


Museum Ships Weekend, June 1, 2, 3, 2018 will have a short planning session
after the BVARC BOD meeting on May 5th and the general meeting on May 10th.
I know Mark Janzer, K5MGJ, will be planning one more "work party" in May so
keep checking your e-mail and the BVARC web site. 


Field Day, June 23rd and 24th will again be a quad club event with TDXS,
ECHO and KARS joining in. This year, Field Day will be held at Duhascek Park
Community Center, 17034 Old Richmond Rd, Sugar Land, TX 77498. This new
location will give us the space we need (over 50 acres with no power lines!)
for the antennas and crowd that the four club event has brought out. There
will be a planning session after the BVARC BOD meeting on May 5th and one
at the general meeting on June 14th. If you have any questions, contact
Scott Medbury, KD5FBA, Field Day Coordinator for the event. Scott has
volunteered again this year to lead this great event for the for clubs. I
know Scott will be needing a few volunteers so please let him know what you
would like to help him with.


Hope to see everyone at the meeting on Thursday. 








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