What goes up and doesn't come down (or at least for now)? The International
Space Station that's what. The ISS has been up since 1998 (first module) and
will be orbiting the Earth until 2028 or when it is sold off to the Ru....
or Chi..... Just joking! Since there is a ton of things happening to the
ISS, it seemed like a good time to bring in an expert to tell the club
members (and visitors) just what is going on at the ISS in relation to
amateur radio and other communications systems that the station has. So..


Kyle Brewer, KE5IJ, of NASA will be at the general meeting to explain all
the different communications system on the International Space Station and
what is new in amateur radio for the ISS. Kyle visited the club the club in
2016 and gave us an insight at that time of what was in place on the ISS.
After two years, there has been a few changes and upgrades that should
interest everyone. 


So don't miss Kyle's presentation this Thursday. Ask Kyle what his wife is
up to - she works at NASA and was doing some interesting things with how
commercial aircraft are built. 


Don't forget the new BVARC raffle - " A station in a Box". Several people
will be at the meeting selling chances for someone to win a 756 Pro II
complete with everything except a tree. Everyone should take a chance at
only $2.00 per ticket ( or 5 for $10). 


In case someone has forgotten how to get the Sugar Land Masonic Lodge, I
have attached a link to Google maps. 




I hope everyone can make it to the meeting for Kyle's presentation. 




Mike Hardwick, N5VCX


Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club



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