Here is a Hamfest event that you can participate in that isfun, productive, 
sedentary, done at your convenience and you will be doing agood thing. 
This is a free service for Hamfest attendees who want to buysome used equipment 
from a table vendor (or tailgater) but are reluctantbecause they are not sure 
if it works. BVARC sets up tables with various test equipment for testing used 
equipment.  Basic tests are performed to see if it isgenerally alive and 
generally functional.  These are not comprehensivetests as we neither have the 
time, equipment, the expertise nor the space totest to full factory 
specifications.  Ourmotto is “We test to 3db above DOA.”  Wejust want to help 
the buyer assure himself that the equipment is generally OK,but don’t guarantee 
that all functions (some with 99 options on one drop down) arefully functional.

You don't need a PhD in Physics to participate at the table. Depending on your 
skill level, there is a complete spectrum of tests that canbe performed and 
that need doing which are above and below your skilllevels.  You will find your 
slot: You might also learn something.  We also need staffers that don’t do 
anytesting but generally assist and generally chat with the attendees.

Here is an interesting story:  5 or 6 years ago, I wascruising the tailgate 
section of this Hamfest and saw a piece of equipment thatI was interested in.  
We negotiated a price and I asked if I could take itto the Equipment Check 
Table.  The guy asked, "Do they have anEquipment Check Table?"  I said "yes."  
He immediatelyceased the conversation, secured his goods and drove away.  Was 
there amessage there?

The time slots are in 1 hour blocks.  We ask that youtry to assist for a couple 
of hours each day (not necessarily consecutive hours) that you are in 
attendance but only 1 hour is OK.  Furthermore, during slow times, if (for 
example) you want to double check something yousaw, just let others staffing 
the table know that you are quickly running overto that vendor to evaluate and 
consider it further.  Hopefully youpromptly return with a piece of equipment to 
test.  Testing activity comesin fits and spurts.
Please sign up now at:
If you have further questions, please do not “reply to all” nor via the 
reflector.  Instead, please inquire directly to me at

I hope to see your call letters on the signup sheet soon. 

Tnx es 73de John, K5IZO

Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club

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