I recall hearing that some members are musicians/music teachers. I have 
a few musical items for sale as well.

1) B.C. Rich Warlock Bass with a hard case (coffin style) come with a 
tuner and effects box.  $200.00

2) Fender Squire Stratocaster Affinity Series six string with Amplifier 
and soft case and tuner.  $125.00

3) Baldwin Discoverer DS-50 Keyboard c.1989-1990 with soft carry case.  

4) Yamaha C-40 Classical Guitar with Semi Hard Case.  $100.00

Please call/textl/email if interested.

  I still have the Xiegu X6100 for sale if anyone is interested.

All proceeds from the sale of these items is to fund the purchase of a 
HF Rig.


Jesse - KE5TE


Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club

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