On 9/1/12 11:51 AM, "Rob Cameron" <r...@international-characters.com>
>On thing that is not quite clear to me, though, is the best organization
>for keeping our code in a common framework with existing Xerces
>code.    We presently have some source subdirectories for our own
>newly created files, while we have also made edits, both major and
>minor, to many other Xerces source files in place.    Is there any way
>that the autotools chain can be used to address these issues?

I don't think it will help or hinder you. If you target a particular
Xerces release, then you could just include that code plus your
modifications directly in your source tree. Since your patches could
change between Xerces releases (allowing that there may not be another,
there's no sign of activity here), it doesn't buy much to build that into
your make process.

-- Scott

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