Greetings - Xerces Team

Thanks for the quality Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 update committed
to the Xerces-C trunk.  It works well with our Xalan (XSLT) project.

I would like to see a patch release for Xerces-C (XML Parser).

The current version of Xerces is 3.1.1.

I propose a patch relase of Xerces-C as 3.1.2.

The subversion trunk is still identified as 3.1.0.
* file: xerces/c/trunk/version.incl

The Xerces-C support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 is found here.
* path: xerces/c/trunk/projects/Win32/VC11/

We have successfully tested our Xalan project with Xerces-C
being built from the subversion trunk repository.  I would like to
see Xerces-C packaged as a patch release supporting Microsoft VS 2012.

*  Update the "version.incl" file
*  Merge the trunk to the 3.1 branch
*  Perform quality assurance testing on the 3.1 branch
*  Update the Xerces-C website documents
*  Package the distributions
*  Submit the distribution artifacts to the mirrors
*  Announce a patch release

I can offer some assistance at getting the Xerces-C patch release
ready for distribution.  I am not currently a member of the xerces

Steven J. Hathaway
Xalan Documentation Projects

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