I've uploaded a second beta of Xerces-C 3.1.2 [2] containing a couple of 
small fixes (VS2012 solution file fix, a backport of an XMLString 
binToText bug reported yesterday) and a tweak to the automake settings so 
I can generate a ZIP distribution from make dist.

Just want to keep the test sources current.

Thank you to everybody who's smoke tested.

I have tried to run a few of the programs in test/ and they mostly did ok 
but one actually crashed (the DOM Normalizer test). I then reproduced the 
exact same exception crash using the 3.1.1 sources, so this isn't a 
regression, it was already behaving that way. I'm guessing the tests are 
out of date in some cases, but I don't know them well enough to look at it.

-- Scott

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