On 3/11/15, 1:41 PM, "Cantor, Scott" <canto...@osu.edu> wrote:
>> By the way, could we please also get a xerces-c-3.1.2.tar.xz distribution, in
>> addition to or instead the bz2 distribution?
>Does automake support it? I guess I can add that and rebuild another RC if 
>it's important enough.

I saw that this is also built-in. In the interest of stability, I'm leaving the 
automake file alone for now and I just manually generated a distribution with 
make dist-xz and posted it, it's the same distribution as the others.

Once the release is done, I'll tweak the makefile to include it going forward. 
If we don't have binaries, the least we can do is accomodate formats.

-- Scott

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