On 3/18/15, 4:30 PM, "Denis Excoffier" <xer...@denis-excoffier.org> wrote:
>When i compare the first RC and the second RC (current), i observe some 
>improvement in the doc/ and samples/ folders, but also that
>- config.guess has timestamp='2013-05-16' (RC2) instead of 
>timestamp='2014-11-04' (RC1)
>- config.sub has timestamp='2013-04-24' (RC2) instead of 
>timestamp='2014-12-03' (RC1)
>Just in case it might not be under control.

The difference is because I was building the early ones on a Mac, and the 
"final" host is a FreeBSD 9 VM with the latest port tree. I've distributed many 
packages off of it with no problems. They can always be regenerated locally any 
time it's needed.

-- Scott

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