I believe I've corrected the few bugs I noticed with the web site, and all of 
the web site content is now checked into the branch, including the security 

A blocker task is recorded noting that a trunk release should copy that content 
over as part of prepping it.

I have added a note to the old xerces-c/web tree's README file indicating that 
the content there is now legacy and would probably advise just removing that 
directory from svn.

I also reopened and marked the security fix as a blocker for 3.2 so that the 
fix gets ported to trunk.

I have one last TODO, which is to rewrite the admin/release-procedure file to 
reflect the actual process now so that the docs will be up to date in case 
somebody else needs to come along and repeat this exercise to fix an urgent 
bug, including me when I forget all of it in a month.

-- Scott

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