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> On 4 Jun 2016, at 17:17, Cantor, Scott <canto...@osu.edu> wrote:
> This is a shot in the dark, but if there's anybody using Xerces-C that might 
> have some experience with the DTD implementation in it, or that has a real 
> need for it to work well, a lot of the recent bugs coming in are connected to 
> the DTD parsing code. I'm currently the person with the bandwidth and enough 
> need to be trying to fix a lot of the issues that are being reported, and I 
> don't use the DTD code (in fact I'm about to look into adding a compile time 
> option to turn it all off), so it's not a great fit.
> If you fit the bill, and might be able to spare the time to help deal with 
> it, please get in touch (here or directly).
> -- Scott

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