> We are now wondering if Xerces-C++ devs are happy for us to upload this
> package to www.nuget.org and, if so, whether there are any specific
> guidelines we should follow or clauses to be aware of in order to do this
> (aside from clearly indicating the obvious bits, regarding who is the true
> author of the code and the license). The package is a simple build of the 
> 3.1.2
> sources, with no custom modifications to the source code, and as such we
> wish not to take any responsibility over maintenance of the NuGet package.

Speaking as the person who has done the last few releases, and not as a PMC 
member, can you clarify the last sentence?

If you're going to upload something like that, you would most certainly be 
taking responsibility for maintenance of such a package.
Basically, the licensing certainly permits you to do this, but you are the one 
supporting it, not the project. If somebody else on the project or in the 
community would like to support it, that's of course fine with me.

I'm not familair with this site, but if I thought I could get all my project's 
dependencies to use it for Windows, I might be more open to the idea of 
maintaining this one there, but that's not likely to be the case, at least not 

-- Scott

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