Am 21.10.2016 um 02:39 schrieb Cantor, Scott:
>> I had a transcoding problem with Xerces-C and noticed that it has 
>> already been described 
>> and fixed for 
>> more than a year but not in the 3.1 branch. So I took the liberty 
>> to port the fix and would be happy if it could be released in a 
>> (hopefully soon) upcoming 3.1.5 or if 3.2 is just around corner, 
>> this would be even better.
> I ported a number of patches from trunk back to the branch when I 
> first jumped in to get security work done on the branch and put
> 3.1.2 out. This seems to have been filed against 3.1.2, so I don't
> think I ever saw that one, it probably wasn't brought to my attention
> and the bug entry doesn't have the fix outlined either. And I am
> generally terrified of touching transcoding code since I don't
> understand any of it, so that all explains why it wasn't backported.

So just for the record, the error is really a regression, it worked in
3.1.1 and the fix in trunk was this commit:
Furthermore I could also reproduce it on Linux and it may be responsible
for this one, too.

> The major problem is that I have no way to test fixes to code I
> don't understand. That's the biggest problem, paralysis out of fear
> of breaking something.

There seems to be some kind of encoding tests at least I found that one
but I did not see any input files to this.

Thanks for taking care and reopening.

Best regards,

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